Congratulations, Fellow Twadpockle!

You are invited to receive the grace of your twadpockle self.

Welcome home, where twadpockles are mutually forgiven.

two ugly/cute tree frogs gazing at each other sweetly(ish)
A warm twadpockle welcome for you. Photo by David Clode on Unsplash.

The Twadpockle Pledge

  1. The twadpockle in me
    honors the twadpockle in all.

  2. I embrace my deepest frailties,
    Lay down the burden of shielding them,

    And expose them to the fullest I can bear,

    That I may learn to receive the grace

    of hearing “twadpockle” without shame or harm.

  3. I behold the twadpockle in others,

    And I welcome them into grace and mutual forgiveness

    by bestowing this label upon them,

    To save humanity.

There is no need to “take” this pledge.
It takes you when you read it—which you just did.

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Welcome home.

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OMFG, you are such a COMPLETE twadpockle!